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The Pickup Truck: Defining the American Automotive Industry Since Its Inception

The pickup truck redefined the way America operated--from allowing emergency vehicles to respond in a fraction of the time, to allowing farmers and construction workers to quickly and conveniently perform their work with the freedom and strength to skyrocket efficiency and possibilities, the pickup truck epitomizes the American mentality of unrestrained freedom of possibilities within a vehicle. As trucks become better built and families began acquiring these capable vehicles for everything from weekend trips towing a boat to the lake, to daily driving, pickup trucks quickly became an integral aspect of the American family.

Pickup trucks, constructed with high-strength steel and a keen attention to detail, deliver exceptional longevity, even while under duress from heavy-duty applications. Thus, used trucks deliver an exceptional degree of performance, demolishing the stigma that used vehicle offer inferior performance capabilities. With a variety of makes and models available, Road Ready Used Cars proudly offers drivers from Ansonia to New Haven, Hamden to Bridgeport, Waterbury and beyond with an extensive and well-curated inventory to satisfy any driver seeking a used pickup truck.

Pickup Truck Performance: How To Determine Which Pickup Is Right For You?

When selecting your next pickup truck, the vast variety of makes and models can overwhelm. Recognizing a few key features will help you to narrow down your selection, in addition to understanding the general models from major pickup truck companies. Here are some essential pickup trucks to recognize:

  • The Legend--The Ford F-150: Responsible for the creation of the pickup truck, the Ford F-150 is a result of nearly a century of evolution from its earliest form (the Model TT). Renounced for its robust, straightforward construction and robust reliability, there's a good reason why the F-150 has remained the best-selling vehicle of all time in the United States (of any segment)!
  • The Contender--The Chevy Silverado 1500 Dating back to the earliest days of the United States' automotive industry, Chevy and Ford competed in a heated rivalry to surpass the other. This longstanding rivalry has produced exceptional vehicles from both companies, and in the truck segment, Chevy's Silverado 1500 is a direct result. With legendary Chevy power and performance, the Silverado demands attention and respect from any driver seeking a truck.
  • The Iconoclast--The Ram 1500: While the aforementioned two brands battled one another, Ram silently perfected their craft to result in a truck to usurp the industry giants. Resulting in the Ram 1500, these trucks boast loyal drivers and exceptional reliability. With a variety of innovative features packed within these trucks, Ram deserves attention as an exceptional choice for any pickup enthusiast.
  • Power and Performance

    Selecting the proper powertrain for your truck greatly depends on your intended usage. Typically available with either a gas or diesel engine and sometimes amended with an electric system to further enhance power, various trucks' specifications result in vastly different performance capabilities. Here's the difference between the two, and why it matters:

    • Gas

    Gas engines operate at higher RPMs--typically resulting in higher horsepower. Horsepower, a unit measuring of work over time, typically matters most when already moving. Delivering superior passing power on the highway and a more responsive acceleration at highway speeds, ample horsepower keeps you moving--even with weight in tow.

    • Diesel

    Operating at lower RPMs and usually with greater engine displacement, Diesel engines deliver superior torque. Utilizing a diesel engine's high torque specifications means more efficient towing, allowing drivers to get moving from a standstill with ease, as the engine reaches higher torque capabilities at a lower RPM than a gas engine, resulting in better efficiency as well.

    Road Ready Used Cars: Your Stop for Used Trucks

    Whether seeking a used Ford, Ram, or Chevy, Road Ready Used Cars proudly offers a variety of well-maintained makes and models for your selection. Either stop by our dealership today to explore the capabilities of these exceptional trucks, or give us a call to schedule a test drive!

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